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My Myth


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Once upon a time there was a Goddesses born. Her name was Lathena. She was the daughter of  Zeus. There was a city in Greece that was at war with its self. The city needed a leader. So, Zeus let his brother ,Poseidon, and his daughter, Lathena, battle for the city. They both gathered an army and prepared for battle. They decided to battle by playing capture the flag. The first person to get the other teams flag gets control over the city. Well, Lathena captured the first and gained control over the city. Immediately after Lathena became the ruler of the city, she desided to name it ξεπεραστούν, which is greek for overcoming hard times. The people loved Lathena so much that she became the Goddess of the People. Lathena also became the Goddess of Battle, since she was able to beat Poseidon.  Lahtena always fought for the people and helped them with anything. It turns out that in ξεπεραστούν there was no war or battle ever again. The city was at peace and it stayed that way.


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My Bulgarian Post


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АЛО името ми е “и това е моя блог. Нашите клас е участващите в студентски блогиране предизвикателство. Това е един от моите поста, който нашите учител искаха да направи.

Digital Footprints.


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So, today in the library we looked up our names on Google. I didn’t find much, but my friends found alot. We also watched this video that was kind of creepy. It showed how all of your pictures and information  is on the internet and who could acesses it. I found myself on some volleyball teams that I have played on, but that was it. So, I guess I don’t have very many digital footprints.



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laurenI picked a new blog avatar for the student bloging challenge. I picked this one because its the only one that kindof  looked like me.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela


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911 workersMartin Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are very similar. They both struggled for African American freedom and their rites. One of the differnces  is that Nelson Mandela was stuck in jail for 28 years. Also, their government is very differnet in South Arfica. In the US ,Martin Luther King  was able to get out of jail because he did not really break the law. Nelson Mandela was in jail for even longer and he had to live in harsh living conditions.

It think that the poem Invictus was very important for Mandela. It described him and how he struggled but made it through. Also, by how South Africa came out of being in hard times and the struggles that they went through. It shows that it doesnt matter how broken the country may be he was  not afarid  and that he  can change whats  wrong.

A hero is someone that gives  helps to others even if it requires giving up something of thier own.Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are definatly heros. They fought for what they thought was right and made it happen. Even thought Mandela spent twenty-eight years in jail he that did not stop him. Martin Luther King was let down and was told that he couldn’t fight for what he wanted. He was even killed because he believed in rights for blacks. These are two examples for modern day heros.

This is a picture of something heroic. These are fire fighters that are helping out in 9/11.  I think that this is heroic because they are risking their lives for others.

Book Review #4


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Harliegh and Allegra were talkning one day and they think that Junior was looking for the Weatherby Treasures. He went in one day into Aunt Adelines room, which he weren’t spose to, and checked to see if the treasure was safe. Well, he got busted. The next day he went by Aunt Adelines room and heard a digging noise. Harliegh looked inside the room and saw Junior. W hen Junior saw him he ran after Harliegh with a crowbar. Junior chased Harliegh all the way through the maze except Junior got stucked and Harliegh made it out. Harliegh ran to Uncle Edgar. They went and checked out Aunt Adelines room and the stage was damaged. Once, Aunt Adeline got back they called the police. The police came down and got Junior Weatherby. Later they found a  few big boxes and looked inside of them. One had letters, but the last one they opened held the Weatherby Treasure. They now had to deside what to do with it. Soon after that, the Weatherby house got a letter and it asked if they could keep a kid named Tyler whose mom is sick, dad had died, and is a direct Weatherby desedent. So now Tyler is living with Harliegh and the rest of the Weatheby’s. Harliegh went back to Riverbend Jr. High and so did Tyler. One day Harliegh was looking through old newspaper article that belonged to Uncle Edgar. He found a picture of  “The Flying Fairchild Family”. He saw a girl in that picture that looked a lot like Allegra. The article said that they where a  family of acrobats who travel around the world. But, now that she was gone and wouldn’t be back for a while  all Harliegh could do was wait and remember to all that had happened and all he has grown in not just one was , but many.

Book Review #3


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Well, Allegra made it out of the house safely. Now Aunt Adeline found that someone was in her room and was messing with her stuff. When Harliegh and Allegra were trying to get out of the house they passed Aunt Adeline’s room and heard a metal detector. They recognized the sound from a man in the garden who is always out with his metal detector. His name is Junior. One night when Harliegh was sleeping in the Aerie , a large tower, he  heard a sound of someone climbing up the stair, but then he didn’t hear it again. I wonder if there is treasure on the Weatherby property? If so where is it?

Book Review #2


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This book is still boring, but it sound like it is going to get better soon. The girl, Allegra, that keeps coming to the house to learn more about it, has finally made her way inside, although she’s not spose to be there. Allegra showed Harliegh a picture of a mansion that she found in am old magazine. She thought it looked like the Weatherby house, but Harliegh didn’t.  So, they went to the front of the house trying to dodge every window as possible. They made their way up to the front porch and she opened the doors and desides to walk in. Harliegh desided to close the door and guard it so she couldn’t get out. Allegra desides to walk down the enterence hall and look at the rooms and ask question about them. Thats where I am now. I hope it gets more interesting.

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